These constitute the past examination papers. It is a collection of past examination papers from all KeMU campuses that are availed online to students to use in their revision processes. The uploading of the past papers is done by the digital librarians upon receiving them from the relevant departments and lecturers.

Past papers provide a guide to students to areas they need to put into consideration during their revision processes.

They help to prepare the students and keep them focused, highlighting the areas that students may have omitted in their revision or research processes.

Past papers are available online and can be accessed from the KeMU website ( by clicking on the “library services” link followed by “past papers/kemuwiki” link.

This takes the user to the website known as “KEMU WIKI” where he/she conducts the search based on the course code of the course he or she wants.
A collection of the papers searched appears from which downloads can be made.

Kemuwiki site used to conduct past papers search